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01 May 2006 @ 09:19 pm
Moving in and packin' lead. [Active.]  
Character(s): Edward and whomever else who feels like jumping in.
Content: Edward arrives at STFUniversity and begins to unpack.
Setting: Edward's room, wherever that is. ;-_=
Time: 9:20 PM
Warnings: None... yet. :D

Edward stood in the doorway of his assigned room, eyes squinting in the bright hall light. It was okay, he supposed, but nothing like his place in Santa Fe.

He tossed the bag he'd had slung over his shoulders onto the floor, at the foot of the bed, and stretched his arms into the air. He had come to STFUniversity to take a sort of vacation from his secret life. Donna was beginning to get on his nerves, although he was starting to like Peter. With a bit of proper training, the boy might make a good illigit bounty hunter someday.

He chuckled to himself and began unpacking, leaving the door to the room open; in case someone should try to come in, he wanted to hear them. He had more weaponry on him than the untrained or even trained eye could tell, as per usual. He couldn't wait to get started, especially with his Projectiles class.

Oh, yes, that would be fun.
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