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“substiste sermonem statim.”

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Hey there! Welcome to STFUniversity! No one is quite sure what the STF stands for (it mostly just sounded cool), but who cares about that. Come on in and join the fun!

Somewhere in the far reaches of the universe, there is a world all its own that is simply a small city of collegiate individuals who attend STFUniversity. Many beings from all over come to this place in order to further their education or just pass the time (some of them finding alternate versions of themselves doing the same!) – the only thing you need to do to get into STFU is have a pulse, for the most part. (And some students probably don't even have that!) The school does not discriminate against age, race, species, or anything else of that sort, though most of its student body is composed of humanoid creatures.

The school has been around for many, many ages – although its original founder is unknown. The school teaches everything, from sexual education to magic, and it's difficult to not find something you want to take at STFU.

The campus itself is HUGE. Although it and the other surrounding buildings – various types of stores (including drug, grocery, and general shopping), as well as a few apartment complexes and homes – seem to stretch on and on, the entire world is restricted to a single island. The island experiences all seasons – winter, spring, summer, and fall – but sometimes can be very unpredictable. All in all, the island is very modern and technologically advanced. It is a pleasant place to live in and go to school.

The university takes up most of the land. It has many, many classes in many, many subjects – and many, many dorms to accommodate for all the students attending, as well as various cheap apartments and such in the area. There is no formal map for STFU – this is because it's always changing! It's a little (okay, very) confusing at first, but a lot of the students seem to manage...

+ + +

STFU is multi-fandom, and also allows original characters. Multiple versions of the same character are also allowed, as well as modified characters – say, gender-switched, or something.

Obviously, this is not the most serious of RPGs – while there certainly can be rather engaging drama (ICly only, hopefully), the structure of this game is quite loose and relaxed. Think of it as a break from extremely concise and tight-laced ones – while those are fun in their own right, sometimes you just wanna kick back, relax and screw around a bit, you know? As the (rather anal) head moderator of paixaorpg, I know the feeling all too well. :) So let your muses run free and have fun!

+ + +

The game is ran in three different communities:

This is the main community, obviously. Most RPing will take place here – most of it of the third-person variety. You can post AIM logs/conversations here, as well as start a thread to comment-RP on.

To help things stay more organized, we ask that you use this basic format when posting to this community:

The title of the post goes in the subject line, and can be anything you want.

[Active/Completed] specifies if the thread is still running or not. You don't want people accidentally joining a dead thread, you know?

Character(s) tells who is interacting in the thread; it should state whether it is closed to specific ones or is open to all, and should be updated accordingly with who is in the thread.

"Content" is simply a summary of the main idea of the thread – it helps people determine if they wanna throw their characters in or not.

Setting is obviously where it takes place.

Time is when it takes place.

Warnings can be nothing at all or are used as a heads up in case there is questionable content within the thread, such as sex or death.

The LJ-cut is used to hide the first post so it does not take up too much room on people's friends lists, and your post is the main content of the entry, and the LJ-cut is then closed.

This is a little different from what most people are used to. "MB" stands for "message board" – this is where the characters can put up messages or notifications, make announcements, or cause general chaos because they feel like it. Teachers may also use this to announce stuff related to classes.

Obviously, the out of character community where you can make leaving/joining posts, announce stuff OOCly, and all that fun stuff.

All of these communities are optional to be a part of, but it is recommended you join all for the full experience of STFU! :D


Although STFU has no application process and is an open community, you may want to register your character for a student ID, dorm room, their classes, etc. You may do that here:



BUT! Before you join, there are a few rules all members must agree abide by:

1. No OOC drama what. so. EVER.
2. No spamming or trolling.
3. Adult content (sex, drugs, violence) must be clearly marked and behind and LJ-cut or link.

Breaking these results in the banning of your character from the game, plain and simple.

+ + +

With no applications and no roster to keep track of who is who, some people might not quite understand who your character is, or why they act the way they do. You can choose to keep them completely anonymous in this manner, or you may choose to place a little bit of insight on them in your userinfo. To help you outline important points in your character, I've provided you with this form to copy, paste, and edit as you see fit:

That's basically it. Now you're ready to shove your pups off to school!