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16 May 2006 @ 04:56 pm
Flight [ACTIVE]  
Character(s): John Black
Content: John is going out for a flight
Setting: Outside near a clock tower.
Time: Near sunset
Warnings: None

It had been a while since John had been able to fly, almost two weeks in fact. He had found his way to the roof of the clock tower, and was admiring the view of the expansive campus. He was wearing his favorite flying shirt, and a pare of blue jeans.

John took a deep breath and began to run towards the edge of the tower. He reached the edge and hurdled himself into the air. He hurtled forward for a while until gravity began to take its effect on him. He tipped downward, and hurtled, head first, towards the ground. He reveled in the sight of the ground rushing towards him. The wind was screaming in his ears, and blowing his black hair back against his head.

50 feet

40 feet

The crushing ground came roaring at him, and he fell screaming at it with no fear. When he reached thirty feet he took a deep breath and jet black wings burst from his back, emerging through the thin slits cut into his tight black shirt. He used his wings to pull up only six or seven feet from the ground. He used the momentum from his dive to hurtle himself high into the air. He circled the clock tower a few times, taking in the beautiful campus laid out before him.

After a while he went into a shallow dive, and pulled his wings in. He dropped the last fifteen feet, and landed in a crouched position. He stood up, closed his eyes, and smiled.
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